We render armed and unarmed security officers for government, industrial and commercial contracts. We also supply off site camera monitoring of high risk contracts. We run a 24 hour control room to ensure that our security officers are safe on the sites and that the clients’ assets are covered and protected. We also do pre-employment polygraphs and polygraphs in theft scenarios. Undercover operatives can be utilized in certain cases to ascertain who is involved in crime within your organization.

We specialize in V.I.P Protection services. (LOW RISK ,MEDIUM RISK AND HIGH RISK PRINCIPALS). We utilize our own specialized vehicles for escorting of principals – no matter from where to where. We do transfers from airports to hotels and to the principals’ residence. All these projects are confidential and all routes are pre-planned to insure a safe drop off. I must stress the very important fact that all our C.P.O’S are firearm trained according to the new SASSETA and SAPS standards. They are ALWAYS armed – no exceptions. Our offices and control room are based in Stanger KZN corner of Canna and Stock Road
We, the management team and operators, have years of experience in the Armed Forces and Police Service.
The training manager is an Assessor and Moderator and a level 5 rated firearms instructor. We conform to the new SASSETA regulations. We are involved with Business Against Crime and serve on the Crime Prevention Forums. We are very operational with the South African Police Services to combat crime. All our security officers come fully equipped to serve and protect themselves and the clients’ property. We also keep the security officers up to date with the new laws and do on-going security training to keep our staff up to standard and in particular the standards of the SETA

Mission Statement
-We believe our first responsibility is to the many organisations and individuals who make use of our services. In meeting their needs, everything we do is of a high standard.
-In order to ensure competitive prices, we constantly work towards improving our service levels and reducing our costs.
-Customers will be serviced promptly and efficiently at all times.
-We care for our Security Staff – the many loyal men and women who work exceptionally long hours. Everyone is considered
an individual. We respect their dignity and recognise their merit.
-Rewards and compensation are fair and adequate and working conditions orderly and safe. Security officers are
free to make suggestions and lay complaints.

-There is equal opportunity for development and promotion for those suitably qualified. We provide competent
management and their actions are just and ethical.
-We are responsible for the safety of the communities in which we live and work.
-We are dedicated to secure the people and assets we are privileged to protect.
-Our final responsibility is to our clients. Business must make a profit. We constantly experiment with new ideas to enable us to be a market leader.

Control Center

We operate a 24/7 Hour Communication Control Room, fully equipped with electronic monitoring. We have two-way radio equipment linked to each security officer and supervisory, management and client support vehicle. This ensures efficient and prompt reaction to any problem or emergency that may arise. The Control Center is the “hub” of all shift activity, and maintains good guard morale and alertness in the following way:
1) The knowledge that the Control Center is at the end of a Telephone- or radio monitor.
2) The prompt assistance it provides in the event of an attack, illness or unexpected problems.
3) Answering queries and offering advise to officers in the field.
4) Finally our Control Centre works in conjunction with several other monitoring centers.

Guards are paraded and inspected prior to each shift to ensure that they are sober and adequately equipped to perform the duties expected of them. Following the inspection parade, each man reports to a duty driver (or supervisor) for further scrutiny to ensure every guard is delivered as required.

In the often lonely world of Security, it is important that staff is given visible and active support and backing. The quality of a Guard’s work and morale will only be maintained at a consistently high level if he is provided with adequate and skilled supervision and can rely on management support, with further access to a senior member of staff in time of need.
Our supervisory goals include the regular and impromptu visiting of guards thereby ensuring they are alert and avoiding complacency. In addition managers and directors carry out on-going visits to each site to advise on all aspects of Security.

In the past, the function of security training was generally restricted to the protection of company property against traditional crimes. Security was seen as irritation, or an ornamental misinformed figure usually incapable of anything outside the simplest of door gazing routines.
In recent years the situation has changed dramatically. Our environment is fraught with a multiplicity of new and different risks which pose greater threats to the economy of the country, health, well being and safety of people.
Subsequently security is accepted more than ever as an essential business discipline. Demands from the business and public sectors has led to the widening of the security training field to an unprecedented level in the local security industry and to the professionalization of the security function. Courses are set out to discipline and groom security officers to supply the best service under all circumstances.

Codes of discipline; Duties of a Security Guard; General Code of Conduct; Behaviour and Attitude; Access Control; Patrolling and Crime Detection; Communication; Strike Action and Reaction; Safety Signs; Fire Fighting and Prevention; Site Checking; Bombs – Discovery and Identification; Company documentation; Dog Training; Firearm Training; Emergency Procedures.

No training would be complete without practical on-site training, where guards are exposed to the “real thing”. Regular evaluations and refresher courses are conducted randomly and monthly. This is done through visiting the site at scheduled intervals. On-site training also enables guards to carry out specific tasks in specialized environs.

Guards are paraded and inspected prior to each shift to ensure that they are sober and adequately equipped to perform the duties expected of them. Following the inspection parade, each man reports to a duty driver (or supervisor) for further scrutiny to ensure every guard is delivered as required.

Company Profile.
Shayimpi Security Services operates in all market segments and has a customer and staff centric philosophy. This is illustrated by our single point of contact account management programme and our investment in staff training as an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our training programmes provide a variety of industry, customer service and client specific programmes for Shayimpi Security Services employees that will ensure our people are best positioned to deliver the highest level of service to our customers while offering them a challenging and rewarding career as our employees.
Our company values of Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Performance and Passion were carefully chosen and form the framework for our commitment to outstanding customer service as well as guiding our daily actions. We have made significant investments in technology to ensure both our internal and external processes deliver outstanding customer service and real time information.. Shayimpi Security Services has forged its success on exceptional customer service, delivering customer focused services to key across a range of sectors including government, mining, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, defence, and educational institution sectors.
Shayimpi Security Services has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s high profile sites. Our unique position allows us to:
• Attract, reward and retain the highest calibre security personnel by:
-Offering employees a challenging and rewarding career
-Providing customised training programmes through the MSS Training Academy, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
– Actively engage employees online and in person
-Provide 24 hour support and supervision for our security
personnel on site
-Drive a genuine safety culture at all levels within the business
– Offer specialist account management and support, in every state or territory
• Deliver scalable resources to reliably manage all client needs
• Provide a full suite of integrated, best practice services.
We value the diverse range of our clients – from major national accounts through to smaller local contracts. Our clients benefit from our customer focused, personalised service with measured results.

What We Do
Shayimpi Security Services provides a full range of security services across all market segments. Our security personnel provide a visible security presence, demonstrating a broad range of skills from general guarding to highly specialised security roles.
-Static guarding, including access control and control room monitoring
-Concierge services
-Events management
-Aviation / maritime screening
-Roving and mobile patrols
-Centralised CCTV and alarm monitoring
-Alarm response
-Emergency surge requirements
-First aid / medical support
-Customer service security training
-VIP protection
– Emergency response, planning and exercises
-Risk analysis
-Industry and site specific certification
-Government Security

”I have found the Shayimpi Security guards to be highly trained and totally professional in the performance of their duties. A recent example of the guards’ diligence and attention to detail was the detection of several illegal clients who had submitted fraudulent paperwork for the issue of passes. These clients were subsequently deported.I have no reservations in recommending Shayimpi Security to anyone seeking services similar to those they provide to ours.

Shayimpi Security Services offers a full range of security services to private and local government. Over many years of providing security solutions to the government sector, we have established an understanding of the associated complexities and unique requirements, including the awareness of confidentiality and profile that is required when securing some of South Africa’s most prestigious government facilities.
Key services include:
-Provision of physical security for high security installations
-Assistance in the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
-Concierge / reception duties
-Access / egress control
-Internal breach patrols
-Perimeter vehicle patrols.
-Contractor and staff escorts
-Internal and external patrols
-Safe and classified document management
– Access pass production and management
-Commercial Property Security
-Our experience in commercial property is second to none. We have over 5 years experience in protecting prestigious commercial South African properties, major property management organisations and many other landmark buildings. These landmark sites reflect our significant expertise and the confidence customers have in us in this market segment.
-We offer a full range of commercial property security solutions tailoring all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to each client site and specific requirements. We provide our officers with customised uniforms reflecting the desired corporate image of each client

Resources & Industrial Security

Shayimpi Security Services provides a complete suite of security services for the mining, energy, resources and industrial sectors. Our experience gained in servicing these industries has uniquely positioned Shayimpi Security services to develop Standing Order Procedures (SOPs) customised to each individual site’s needs through a process of client consultation. Our depth of industry trained officers supports the implementation of these procedures and allows for quick and flexible staff deployment.
Key services include:
-Access control / contractor / visitor inductions
-Drug and alcohol testing
– Speed and traffic management
-Warehouse operations
-Mine access control
-Vehicle compliance
-Vehicle escorts
-Key control
-Site evacuation
– Perimeter checks
– Incident reporting and logging
-Dedicated recruitment and training for each sector
-Emergency response

Retail Security

Shayimpi Security Services understands the need for South African’s retailers to invest in the right security solutions that deters shop theft and enhances the customers‘ shopping experience and their loyalty to their brands and stores.
To assist South African’s retailers to reduce shrinkage, Shayimpi Security Services offers a full range of anti-theft security services directly or through our strategic alliance partnerships. Our security officers are well trained in observation skills, security technology and, most importantly, customer service.
Shayimpi Security Services understands retail security goes beyond the store into the supply chain, distribution centres and the retail corporate facilities where we offer a full range of security solutions to assist retailers to achieve successful business outcomes.

Key services include:
-Retail security officers
-Monitored alarm systems
– Investigation
-Covert operations
-CCTV cameras
-Loss prevention strategies
-Risk assessment
-Employee awareness training
-Concierge services
-Access control
-Loading dock and delivery supervision.

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