Gardens are attractive and beautiful extensions of our homes, which reflect our aesthetic sense and preferences. Gardens not only beautify our homes but also give us the much needed escape spot where we can relax and interact with nature. The way a garden is tailored, its design and landscaping ideas when combined according to one’s taste and preference give rise to a dream garden.

The art of landscaping involves garden designing along with installation services in order to create a unique garden and, thus, making your dream garden a reality. Abacus Gardens helps you to grow your dream garden by providing services like landscape installation and designing.

We at Shayimpi Garden Services – the landscape division – proudly boast that our landscapers are well trained, qualified and experienced. They take utmost care in the artistic creation of your garden and will settle for nothing less than providing you with an absolutely elegant and grand garden.

We, at Shayimpi Garden Services, source and deliver the best quality plants that are selected and acquired from growers from all over the country. Landscaping or the art and craft of growing plants with the aim of creating a beautiful environment vary according to regions. Therefore, we make it a point to deliver you custom landscape installation and design services according to your preferences and depending upon what’s best for your region. Geographic features such as terrain, topography, soil qualities and wind directions along with flora and fauna are taken into consideration while designing gardens.

Landscaping is a mixture of science and artistic design, so at Shayimpi Garden Services we give much priority to designing. We note down detailed design requirements that you want to incorporate in your garden and deliver one-of-its-kind custom gardens that you would love.

Garden Styles

Our innovative and extensive range of garden styles range from

• Indigenous
• Bali
• Tropical
• Provencal
• Japanese
• English country
• Moroccan
• Contemporary
• Tuscan
• Minimalist
• Afro-centric
• Woodland
• Courtyard

• Classical
• Cottage
• Gardens of the four seasons eclectic
• Arabic
• Water-wise
• Eco-friendly
• Gardens of the five seasons
• Bird friendly
• Fragrant garden
• Container garden
• Zen garden

Shayimpi Garden Services
Ideally we would like to become your regular garden maintainer, with visits planned on a two week or more basis. We pride ourselves on our work and believe this shows in the end result.
We offer domestic and commercial garden services in various area’s.

See a list of our various services below:
• Full Garden Maintenance (flower beds, lawns, edges, tree trimming etc.)
• Maintenenance of Paving (weed removal, spraying)
• Garden clean up services
• Composting
• Top Dressing

Gardening Services
Our regular garden maintenance services includes:
• Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges
• Weeding and turning of flower beds
• Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
• Removal of refuse related to the service
• Dead heading all flowers and lopping dead leaves
• Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs

Our seasonal garden maintenance includes:
• Selected planting of plants
• Pruning of roses and fruit trees

Our optional garden maintenance includes:
• Instant Lawn & Irrigation
• Installation of treated hedging & stepping stones
• Planting winter and summer colour seedlings
• Lawn fertiliser and lawn dressing
• Plant fertiliser and compost
• Pest treatment & Weed control

Shayimpi Garden Services offers the following garden services to complexes, estates, corporate business parks and residential homes :

Garden Maintenance

• Mowing of lawn and trimming of lawn edges
• Raking and sweeping
• Turning and cultivating of flower beds
• Weeding of flower beds and lawn
• Dead heading flowers and removal
of dead leaves
• Trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs
• Weed, pest and disease control treatment
• Composting, lawn dressing and fertilizing
• Seasonal pruning of roses and shrubs
• Seasonal splitting and replanting of plants
• Removal of garden refuse

Garden Clean Ups

• Mowing of lawn and trimming of lawn edges
• Raking and sweeping
• Turning and weeding of flower beds
• Dead heading flowers and removal of dead leaves
• Trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs
• Trimming and cutting back of foliage around electric fence
• Removal of garden refuse

Cleaning Services

• Sweeping of paved areas and walkways
• Cleaning of stairwells and passages
• Cleaning of general areas:
guard house, club house and gym
Cleaning and sanitizing of refuse bins and refuse skip areas


• Irrigation design and installation
• Servicing of installed irrigation systems
• Installation of booster or water pressure systems
• Installation of water reservoir systems

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