As in flooring and General Cleaning services for over 5 years, Shayimpi Cleaning Services has provided clients with professional service, guaranteed quality and the highest level of efficiency. Shayimpi Cleaning Services is 100% black owned and managed, registered affirmative business enterprise (ABE) and women equity ownership (WEO) company offering complete service with regard to business support services. The company was formed in 2006 have the three major focus areas which are: Construction, labour hire and cleaning services.

The company has handled two successful contracts in the past to present year and due to ongoing training and skills development given to our employees we are confident that we will handle all future contracts successfully including new ones.

-To realise sustainable profit from all contacts we execute and implement.

-Our overall objective thus is to make profit and contribute to the economic development of our country.

-To operate the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a broad community-rural , urban , local , provincial and national.

• To provide superior quality service
• Customer satisfaction
• Value for money

-To operate a company on a sound financial basis, profitable growth and increasing values for our shareholders and creating career opportunity and financial rewards for our employees.
Underling the mission is determine to seek new and creative ways do addressing all three parts , while holding a deeper respect for individual And outside the company and for the communities.

-With it flat management structure, Shayimpi Cleaning Services has always tapped into the skilled, knowledge and talents of its staff. Gradually the age profile of the staff will become younger as information technology has become increasing. Important teamwork, speed and flexibility rather than high profile individual characterize the group personality.

-This is knowledge intensive sector and staffs is expected to have both a thorough understanding of their primary responsibilities as well as specialized niche skills that enable to add values to the process of advising serving clients. Shayimpi Cleaning Services recruits and selects staff with potential and provides them with appropriate training and development in return they reward us with commitment and deliver efficient and high quality service to our clients.

-Pay and benefit are generosity: market related and range between the medians to well within the upper quarter. This is recognition of the fact that the firm needs the best and brightness skills. It’s therefore strongly focused on attracting people from diverse background. As it believes that diversity contiguities to creativity. It also strives to create work environment where individual can contribute. Teamwork is essential and innovation and empowerment are encouraged. A significant performance incentive scheme is a part of the total remuneration package. All employees are titled to leave benefits and our company is guided by the basic conditions of the employment act 1997, in this regard.

-Shayimpi Cleaning Services offering to support client are wide ranging
– Public and private sectors

-Adapting successfully to change and competition will be the key to the company’s future and opportunity , which are starting to take off in South Africa , are expected to be the major growth area.
-Shayimpi Cleaning Services will focus on continuing its growth through cleaning and other related services war talents.
– Successful organization today needs to be continually reinventing themselves and the rules of the game to gain the competitive advantage in the market place.


Fist year – to create job opportunities
Second year – 60 people
Third year – 90 people
Fourth year – 180 people
Firth year – 500 people

We aim to achieve this by the realization schedule of the milestone as stated above by making sure that our workforce must reflect these principles in the workplace as well when dealing with existing potential customer outside of the workplace in line with our business every person is a potential customer.

Empowerment is not only bases on the business activities, but also on human development to this end, Shayimpi Cleaning Services is assisting in implementation of the government social development plan effectively to the development of the individuals a sustainable profitable.

We hereby indemnify the head: department against any liability or compensation and legal expenses in respect of the following cases;
1. Loss of life or injuries which might be sustained by our staff during the execution of our duties at the centre
2. Damage to our equipment or equipment or property during the execution of duties as described in the contract.
3. Any claim and legal costs which might ensure from failure by or acts by the cleaning staff against third person.

We will:
1. Select , purchase and maintain cleaning equipment used in the provision of the cleaning services
2. Provide all general and specialist equipment used in the provision of the cleaning service.
3. Ensure that all equipment used in the provision of the cleaning services complies with all applicable legislation and any other regulation including but not limited to being individually marked and within portable appliance test date.
4. Ensure that all equipment is noise-restricted to avoid sound nuisance when using such equipment.
5. Ensure any non-compliant equipment is not used by any person whatsoever.
6. All equipment is properly cleaned and store and
7. Staffs are properly trained in use of cleaning materials and equipment.

Shayimpi Cleaning Services will provide the following services to the hospitals. Services listed here include preproduction, production and post-production services unless otherwise covered under a separate agreement.

Our entire chemical is sourced from CHEMLOG, they bear SABS and NCCCA marks of approval. The chemicals are provided with material safety data in case of emergency.

Industrial vacuum cleaners as required
Industrial polishers as required
Mops trolley as required
Mops as required
Soft brooms as required
Hard brooms as required
Cleaning chemical as required

All our staff members on the site will be provided with neat and clearly identifiable uniform
And all necessary safety equipment and the first aid box will be available for minor accident during work hours Clear identification card with the staff photo and identification details on it worn conspicuously at all times whilst on the premises.
The normal ratio for the cleaning industry is one cleaner per 1000 m2.

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    Shayimpi Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration is a young dynamic , air-conditioning and mechanical services company servicing KwaZulu Natal. The company was formed by Mr. Thembinkosi Timothy Langalezwe Sikhakhane the managing member in March 2012.