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    Quality work through dedication

    Shayimpi Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration is a young dynamic , air-conditioning and mechanical services company servicing KwaZulu Natal. The company was formed by Mr. Thembinkosi Timothy Langalezwe Sikhakhane the managing member in March 2012. The Company has established itself as a market leader with a reputation for excellence in the domesctic and industrial air-conditioning industry with over 20 years of accumulative experience. Our success is primarily attributed to costant re-evaluation and enhancement of our relationship with our clients, our staff and our products. Our objectives are to exceed our client’s expectations by ensuring suprerior service and quality produts, to continually develop our staff as a proffessional team of motivated and highly skilled individuals, whose understanding of our client’s requirements is unsurpassed and to constantly enhance and develop our product range. To meet these ends we offer an unparalleled spectrum of services: sales, service, installation, repairs and mantainance. Our staff will ensure that whatever your requirements, we are able to meet every domestic, commercial and industrial need. Our focus therefore is one of continual improvement and development to the advantage of all. Shayimpi Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration is a wholly Black owned company. It has a stable and secure financial base from which our future growth can be assured. Our policy and philosophy has been one of continual re-investment of profits in the most technologically advanced staff and equipment in order to retain our position as market leaders. This in turn has resulted in cost effective, competitive pricing and superior quality, service and delivery for our clients, secure and stable employment for our staff in conditions conducive to empowerment and personal growth.

    Team of electricians

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    We specialize in Electrical, new equipment installation, system design, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. We help to improve the quality of life within our community by creating superior indoor environments that provide unparalleled comfort and peace of mind. Focusing on our clients' needs allows us to become their most trusted comfort advisor. We specialize in Electrical, HVAC design, service and installation of high performance, high quality, HVAC equipment, automated controls, indoor air quality systems, energy management systems, ventilation systems, custom sheet metal and refrigeration, kitchen equipment services, cleaning of water tanks, booster pumps, water treatment and related services


    -Quote, “where there is no vision, people perish”: Proverbs 29:18

    -To be the first choice in the service industry, the first choice is the best choice, and being the best is what Shayimpi Air-Conditioning pledges to work hard at being –everyday

    -To be the prefered supplier of air-conditioning equipment in KwaZulu Natal. This will be achieved by sourcing of high quality products, which will be installed, serviced and maintained by competent and highly skilled staff

    Residential Services

    Commercial Services

    Industrial Services


    -To make our clients fell welcome, appreciated, and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do….each and every day.

    -To be recognized as an exceptional leader in our industry and community

    -To conduct all our relationships with emphasis on long term mutual success, rather than short term gain
    -To earn trust and respect of all we work with being a company of honesty, integrity and responsibility
    -To provide an environment of positive attitude and action to accomplish our vision, by increasing positive feedback and recognition at all levels of the company.
    -To train and motivate our employees and to develop co-operation at all levels of the company
    -To use our resources, knowledge and experience to create a win-win relationship of our clients, employees suppliers and shareholders in terms of growing compensation, service and value
    -To mentor and train youth interested in getting into the service industry.


    -As a company we understand the following to be the ingredient for mastering customer care. We will strive for observation and adherence to these all the time conducting our business.
    -RELIABILITY: our employees will be taught to be reliable when dealing with our customers and one another.
    -ASSURANCE: our staff needs to knowledgeable about the company, its products and or services and systems, courteous and create a sense of trust and confidence in the company.
    -CONFIDENTIALITY: all customers’ information will be treated with strict confidentiality.
    -EMPHATHY : our employees need to be taught to understand customer’s needs, by putting themselves in their shoes and give individual attention to them
    -RESPONSIBILITY: staff must be able to assist customers and give them prompt service very time.
    -PHYSICAL FACILITIES: our faculties will be customer-friendly, pleasing to the eye and user friendly to our customers.



    -We are driven by a quest for service excellence and to be one of the best national companies.

    Our core values are:
    -Customer centricity
    -Service excellence
    -People development


    -Our aspiration is to be competitive in terms of service delivery. We are thus continually upgrading our system in order to achieve this. We also benchmark ourselves against reputable service providers in the industry.


    Safe & Secure

    24x7 Support

    24x7 Support

    Cost Saving

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    In an effort to create lasting relationship and provide value adding services to all customers, we will Endeavor to;
    -Be easily accessible to client
    -Identify and meet customer needs
    -Treat all our customer courteously
    -Respond promptly to request and complain
    -Provide essential information on service we provide
    -Explanations of our processes in a form our customers can understand
    -Provide trained staff who understand our product and services
    -Ensure that appropriately qualified staff handles customer concerns
    -Maintain contact with customers
    -Accept constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions
    -Acknowledge our mistake and rectify them.
    Strive for excellence and take pride in what we do.


    -ACCESSIBILITY: to be available and accessible to service customers when they need us.
    -W-WILLINGNESS: enthusiastic to render services
    -E-EXCELLENT: to strive to do the best we can do, in order to achieve a perfect outcome.
    -L-LEADERSHIP: to make informed decision, gives clear guidance and earns the respect and trust of all our stakeholders.
    -C-COUTRESY: be polite, respectful and considerate
    -O-OPEN-MIDEDNESS: be willing to listen and consider other people ideas and suggestions.
    -M-MOTIVATE: be determining to work hard, achieve, succeed and deliver pleasant surprises to our entire customer.
    -E-EFFICIENCY: perform our task successfully without wasting time and energy
    We are guide by the following basis business principles:
    -Good work ethics
    -Professional business integrity

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      Shayimpi Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration is a young dynamic , air-conditioning and mechanical services company servicing KwaZulu Natal. The company was formed by Mr. Thembinkosi Timothy Langalezwe Sikhakhane the managing member in March 2012.